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23/05/2019 Welcome to ShenPoker, Malaysia's most Trusted Online Poker website. With only min MYR10 deposit and min withdrawal is MYR10. Contact our 24/7 customer service support at our LiveChat for more information. For more details click on the Promotion page.

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New addition to the Family: Pot Limit Omaha!

We have a new game "Pot Limit Omaha" launched today 7 June 2018!

Pot Limit Omaha is an action-packed game derived from Texas Hold’em Poker. Players are given 4 cards (hole cards) after which betting rounds and 5 community cards will happen. Players must now have the best 5 card poker hand using exactly 2 cards from their hand and exactly 3 cards from the community cards.

In conjunction to our launching, get 100% Bonus Tcoins for gameplay on Pot Limit Omaha! From June 7 to July 7, 2018.
Playing Pot-Limit Omaha will have 2X the usual Tcoins earnings.
Promotion will be from June 7 Launch until July 7, 2018.