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Introducing our new game SUPER10!


SUPER10 has now officially been launched, play it now! It is also available on iOS and Android !

Super10 is a simple game inspired by Samgong game or Three Pictures. The difference is that we play Super10 among players while Samgong is played with a dealer.
At the beginning of the game, every players will get 2 (two) cards and 1 (one) additional card will be given so each player will have 3 (three) cards in a total.
The objective of this game is to get a high value from hand cards. The highest value is 10. The value of the cards will be shown below.

In conjunction to our launching, for the 1st month, play and earn Tcoins on SUPER10 to get a 100% additional Tcoins Bonus! (April 19 - May 19)